Fastpitch Softball

Located in York, PA

Summer Camp

Week 1: TBD, 2018                                             Grades:  5 & 6 (Going Into)

Week 2: TBD, 2018                          Grades:  7 & 8 (Going Into)

Week 3: TBD, 2018                           Grades:  9-11 (Going Into)

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Time:  9am-Noon
Where:  TBD  Cost:  $100.00
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Deadline:  May TBD, 2018
Minimum of 12 participants
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About the camp

The main goal of the camp is to enhance players' understanding of the different facets of the game while increasing enjoyment of the game of fastpitch softball.  The emphasis is on players learning the appropriate skills, tactics, and strategies necessary to play better fastpitch.

Participants should bring a snack, drink, sun block, as well as a bat, batting helmet, spikes, sliders, and glove -- "Game Day Gear".  Catchers need their gear.


Example of Daily Schedule

9:00am    Warm-up with speed & agility drills
9:30am    Hitting lecture and drills
10:30am  Baserunning and sliding
10:50am  Proper throwing mechanics
11:10am  Snack & team selection
11:20am  Individual defensive skills
11:35am  1-pitch game
Daily content and activity length will vary based on player's abilities to perform skills and employ strategies.

Camp Objectives

Hitting & bunting
Players will learn:
Proper swing mechanics
To hit inside and outside pitches
To intentionally hit to all fields
To develop a hitting routine
Two strike adjustment
To take a pitch
Proper batting practice approach
Proper bunting mechanics for sacrifice bunts and bunts for base hits
Directional bunting

Team defense
Players will learn:
Relays-single and tandem
To turn a variety of double plays
To pick off runners and back up the throws
To defend against bunt-and-run with runner on first (weeks 2 & 3)
To defend first-and-third play (weeks 2 & 3)


Players will learn:
To run through first base
To round first base on a single
How to run out a double and triple
How far to take a lead on base
How to perform a rock start
Dive backs
How to perform bent-knee, pop-up, hook, and roll-over slides
How to react when the ball is put into play
How to properly tag up and advance or attempt to draw a throw
To defeat a rundown
First-and-third play
How to coach at home

Team offense
Players will learn:
Safety and Suicide squeeze plays

Players will Learn:
To field groundballs-including backhand and forehand
To play fly balls
To dive for groundballs and fly balls
To field groundballs and throw in 1-step-Outfielders
To Catch flyballs and throw in 1-step-Outfielders
To handle short hops
To play the fence

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